The Liberal Buddhist: a brief introduction

The mission of The Liberal Buddhist blog is to provide a forum for the exploration of the overlapping values of Buddhism and liberalism.  Specifically, the posts that appear here will highlight the various ways in which these two systems of thought – one ethical, the other political – complement one another.  More significantly, these posts will attempt to tease out from the combined tenets of liberalism and Buddhism potentially useful and unique perspectives on the critical issues confronting both the increasingly polarized American citizenry and the increasingly fragmented global community.

The purpose defined above rests on these two specific convictions, long held by this blogger:  first, that Buddhism, by virtue of its exhortation for us to embrace generosity, compassion, and wisdom, offers the most viable (and, perhaps, the only viable) path for resolving our national and global problems effectively and humanely; and second, that liberalism, by virtue of the priority it places on the welfare of the many over the welfare of the individual, offers the most natural (and, perhaps, the only natural) home for a politically engaged Buddhism.


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